Corsair H115i RGB Platinum (Tech)

With the Corsair H115i already being one of the best AIO Coolers on the market, it’s a wonder how Corsair could up their game with the launch of the all new H115i RGB Platinum edition. Thankfully they sent one over for us to take through the paces and see if it could live up to the hype.

Coming in at 322 mm wide, the H115i Platinum includes two 140 mm ML Pro RGB fans with four LEDs each. Compared to the previous version of the cooler there’s a larger cold plate with support for AMD’s AM4 and TR4 sockets via included brackets. Installation is a pretty average affair, taking around 20 minutes to complete. For intel you’ll have to remove the back panel of your chassis to install the Intel Backplate via the motherboard cut-out. AMD on the other hand is a less troublesome process as the stock backplate and mounting bracket is used. Corsair also includes pre-applied thermal paste which helps quicken the whole process and makes life easier for first time builders.

With RGB implementation comes additional cables. If you have decent cable management in your chassis and a bit of patience you’ll be able to tuck away the SATA power cable as well as the USB header for RGB lighting, but if not done properly it can look rather messy. The pump is connected to the motherboard via a single header. It has also been upgraded with 16 addressable LED’s that can be controlled in sync with Corsair’s iCue software. These LED’s are by far the most vivid we’ve seen on an AIO and suite perfectly with their newer generation hardware such as the Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4 Memory.

After a quick download and installation, Corsair’s iCue software is relatively easy to use, allowing you to choose from a range of lighting effects, individually assigning LED’s if preferred as well as the ability to sync with other Corsair RGB enabled Memory and Peripherals. Something that’s usually not spoken of with RGB devices is how well they handle white illumination, with shades of blue or red usually diluting the colour. This makes it really hard to pull off a proper black and white build. Thankfully this is far from the case with Corsair’s LED’s which are nothing less than outstanding. Choose a colour on the colour wheel and what you see is what you’ll get.

In terms of actual thermal performance the H115i Platinum is no slouch. When using the AMD Wraith cooler that came with my Ryzen 7 2700X there was no chance of any stable overclock. Throw in this AIO and 4.2 GHz 24/7 is easily attainable. Not only is a higher clock speed reached, but with less heat and noise thanks to the high end fans Corsair included. While in iCue you can your performance preference from Quiet, Balanced, Extreme and Zero RPM – A feature that turns the fans rotations to zero when the CPU’s temperature is low. This eliminates any additional noise when you’re browsing the web or just doing general productivity.

It’s worth noting that overclocking is only recommended while using the Extreme Fan and Pump profile. While doing a stress test with Prime 95 the CPU could only maintain 3.8 GHz on Silent mode, and 3.95 GHz with Balanced. Switching to Extreme helped maintain a solid 4.2 GHz while only running at 78.5 degrees.

While some people might wonder what the point is of using a high-end All-in-one liquid cooler versus a decent Air Cooler, my personal account is completely justified when it comes down to my choice of Graphics Card. Air coolers generally just dissipate the heat into the chassis, and then rely on proper airflow in your chassis to exhaust it. considering I have an AMD Vega 56 which already runs extremely hot this effects the thermal performance of my GPU. With an AIO on the other hand the heat is directly transferred into the pipes, to the radiator and then expelled out the chassis, not impacting the GPU at all. When trying to get the most out of your machine, and especially in terms of system wide overclocking this is something that should always be considered.

To round it up the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is one fantastic premium cooler that’s completely recommended if you have the cash to buy it, while it’s not the cheapest at around R3000, its clean and polished look, perfectly LIT RGB implementation and stellar cooling performance make it a no brainier for those looking to push the envelope in their PC.