Editors Note: This review was provided to Strafer.net by Lyle Arends

Blood & Truth is the latest game from SIE London Studio, which puts you in the boots of ex-military boy, and proverbial badass, Ryan Marks, as you have to shoot your way through the streets of London in a frantic bid to save your family from a notorious crime lord. An easy task on paper, but not so much in execution, as you’re going to have to make use of every gun, bullet, vape, and explosive you get your free-floating hands on to pull it off.

When it comes to the story, Blood & Truth’s tale is incredibly simplistic, and we’ve seen it hundreds of times in games, movies, and TV shows, but what sets it apart is how it doesn’t take itself seriously, and a voice cast who do an absolutely amazing job at balancing out the story with some truly fantastic performances. The game knows it’s cheesy, and doesn’t try to hide it, mixing in intense action with moments of levity to create a fun ride that’s worth seeing through to the end.

But as fun as the story is, the real star of the game is its gameplay, or rather, gunplay. The gameplay itself is simple: it’s a cover-shoot-cover movement system, so shoot some enemies, look where you want to go next, hit a button on your Move Controller to get there, shoot the next set of baddies, repeat. At first, you’ll gear-up at a safehouse before moving out to your next mission, but as you make your way through the game, you’ll also be able to pick up more weapons and equipment, and the better you play, the more stars you’ll earn to unlock mods for you guns as well. However, what I love most about B&T is that unlike most games, every single gun is deadly and feels incredible to use.

Whereas other games will have you looking for the biggest gun the first chance you get, Blood & Truth makes you feel like a badass with whatever you’re wielding. Sneaking through a level with a silenced pistol, blasting through enemies with a shotgun or going sicko mode with an AR is just as satisfying as mowing down enemies with a massive chaingun, with every gun sounding and feeling so, so good. And when you’re overwhelmed, you can go into the slo-mo precision mode to help you out — and let me tell you, slowing down time to headshot 5 enemies in a row is a near indescribable high when doing it in VR. If you ever wanted to feel like John Wick, this is the game for you. I have to add though that I didn’t play the game with the DS4, so the experience might not be as impactful as with Move Controllers, but regardless, you’ll still undoubtedly have a great pew pew time.

In between shooting, you’ll also be doing things like picking locks, hacking, searching for collectibles (in the form of mini statues and vapes), but also doing some straight up action movie stunt work. One moment you’re sneaking your way through a casino, planting C4, and the next you’re trapped in a DJ booth during an intense shootout, using the booth to control the fireworks, music, lights, and steam to give yourself a slight edge. Or one minute you’re breaking into a modern art museum, where you can fire paint cannons or make music with some low hanging balls, and the next, you find yourself Nathan Drake’ing through a soon-to-be demolished building, freeclimbing buildings and shooting enemies while you’re dangling high above the ground. Again, gameplay is simple, but it’s so much fun, you honestly won’t mind. The excellent tracking also helps with immersion, and I only had to recalibrate once in-game.

In terms of production, characters look incredible, with some fantastic animation, and the same goes for some environments. However because one can do only so much with the PSVR’s graphics, in-VR, there’s the usual blur, and some areas do look a bit “meh”. However, it’s still a great looking game with some great locations (the aforementioned modern art museum for example), and because you’re always on the move, you won’t even really have time to notice.

Overall, Blood & Truth is a hell of not just a VR game, but a game in general. Some VR games feel like a gimmick and the novelty wears off very, very quickly, but B&T is a beast in its own league that’s just an absolute pleasure to play.

Blood & Truth is the best VR game I’ve played. Full stop. With a great story, and absolutely fantastic gunplay, it’s something alone worth getting a PSVR headset for. 9/10.