Everybodys Golf VR

Editors Note: This review was provided to Strafer.net by Lyle Arends

Everybody’s Golf VR comes from the veteran minds over at Clap Hanz studio, who brought you such hits as… *checks notes* 50 billion other golf games – but this time, they’re stepping into the future with a VR golf title that is… Actually, not that bad, even if I must say so myself.

There’s no real story to EGVR, so no, you won’t be travelling the world with the golf clubs you’ve inherited by your late father who turns out to also be some sort of legendary monster hunter, and you have to defeat a bunch of monsters in golf to avenge him or anything. Well, maybe, I didn’t 100% the game yet, so who knows. Though I highly doubt it’s going to happen.

The aim of EGVR is to, well, really just let you play golf on a bunch of varying courses and holes, and after that, some wacky modes like Mirror Mode, so there’s no story to be told here, but you’ll be accompanied by your dead-eyed-(formerly 2D) 3D-“waifu” caddy who’ll encourage, and advise you as you play, and sometimes, there’ll be some special event that will help break up your frantic assault on those poor little white balls.

Even with no story, the game will hold your attention thanks to its fun gameplay. Playing with a Move Controller, you’ll be able to simulate swinging your club, with an easily interchangeable practice/play system to help you hit that hole in one.

With a hit of a button, you can enter practice mode which will allow you to see if your swing will hit the ball, allowing you to perfect your swing before switching over to play mode. It’s instantaneous, so no loading in or out, and this makes mastering the game easier, as you won’t have to really fail multiple times before you get your angles down. Your caddy will also help you with some tips, but with God awful voice acting, they can become pretty annoying after a very short while – The game is set in Japan, with Japanese characters, but they be coming at you with some “hella the Queen’s English accents”, and it’ll leave you like “???.”

The only thing I disliked about the gameplay is that in most VR games, you can get away with slightly ill-calibration, but here, you need to make sure you have sufficient space while playing with a Move, because you’re going to be crouched, swinging low, and if your PS Camera is off, you’re going to feel like a complete idiot, swinging like a madman, trying to actually hit the ball.

Aesthetically, the game looks pretty good. Courses start simple enough, with the usual-looking courses surrounded by trees and sand, but then you’ll find yourself at the seaside, and even at Jurassic Park a dinosaur park with actual dinosaurs watching you smash balls into the abyss. It’s all very calming and peaceful, until you turn to see your caddy staring into your soul with her dead eyes and inexplicable British accent.

Everybody’s Golf VR isn’t a game for, ironically, everybody, but it’s still pretty fun to play, and looks good while you’re playing it. Although it’ll make you feel more like an idiot flaying your Move Controller IRL than most VR games… And did I mention the creepy caddies? Cut that out already