The Sojourn

The Sojourn from developer Shifting Tides and publisher Iceberg Interactive is a visual feast for gamers. The game prides itself on its gorgeous aesthetic and it’s puzzle gameplay. If you’re a fan of games such as The Witness, The Sojourn will be right up your alley.

First and foremost, The Sojourn is a first person puzzle game. The game kicks off by having you follow a flying light through a series of rooms and finally out into a more open environment. Once out in the open, the game’s major puzzle mechanics begin to reveal themselves to you. Players will soon learn how to “teleport” by swapping places with empowered statues. You’ll also learn how to use the darkness realm to get through areas by crossing ephemeral bridges that only appear within this realm.

The Sojourn’s gameplay boils down to solving first person puzzles while enjoying an absolutely gorgeous journey through a fantasy world. The game’s story is told by means of statues in game depicting specific scenes and there’s no voice acting or combat involved at all. It’s the type of game players should load up if they want to have a visual feast and challenge their mind a bit while solving some incredibly well designed puzzles.

Some gamers might find the puzzles a little too easy at first but rest assured, as you progress throughout the game’s 6 hour long campaign, you’ll come across some puzzles that will really make you think. Using the darkness realm to build paths and finally unlock the next area to explore is incredibly rewarding. The game also takes the rewarding feeling further by later on introducing additional challenges to obtain bonus scrolls in levels upon completion.

Graphically, The Sojourn makes full use of the Unreal Engine as it delivers top notch artistic visuals that will have you staring out at the scenery quite often because of how gorgeous it is.

Overall, The Sojourn is a first person puzzler that is a must play for fans of the genre. The puzzles are just the right level of difficult and will keep you entertained for quite a while. This game is highly recommended by us and should definitely be on your radar.