100% Perfection
A 100% represents the best of the best, something that is the game or product to beat, there is nothing that can be faulted.
Something better may come along, but for now it’s the best that’s available.
It’s a score that is not given lightly.

90-99% Masterpiece
This represents greatness in almost every area.
There may be problems with it, but they’re so small it is negligible.

80-89% Excellent
This represents something that could prove immensely positive to most people, if not everybody.
There are one or two noteworthy negative aspects, but nothing major enough to not be worth someone’s time or money.

70-79% Great
This represents an enjoyable experience.
Not the most glamorous, polished, or gratifying, but most definitely better than average.

60-69% Good
This represents an acceptable game or product.
The team behind it obviously created something solid and not offensive, but there is nothing exciting enough to seduce its audience.

50-59% Acceptable
This represents a game or product that can only be described as average.
Neither the positive nor negative aspects outshine each other.
It serves its purpose to exist but doesn’t stand out in any way.

40-49% Mediocre
This represents a below average experience.
It may have some good qualities, but they are outweighed by their less favourable issues.

30-39% Subpar
A game or product in this category may have had some potential in its development or usage, but due to bad design choices it won’t been in a positive light until they are fixed.

20-29% Bad
This represents a straight-up bad game or product.
There may be a single element that seems passable, but it’s not enough to overlook something that is truly dreadful.

10-19% Terrible
An absolute failure.
Although some form of work went into it, there is no hope of a positive experience ever shining through all the broken features and atrocious ideas.

00-09% Worthless
This is reserved for the worst products and games available.
There is nothing redeeming to it, it is completely worthless.
It should not exist.